Carmen Lomas Garza, Tito’s Gig on the Moon, 36x 48 inches, 2002

Carmen Lomas Garza’s narrative folk style draws from diverse Mexican visual traditions, while elevated viewpoints, mesmerizing detail, and a dynamic use of pattern and color enliven her seemingly straightforward compositions. Trained as an arts educator as well as a painter, her works offer visual lessons in the importance of family and community rituals. Her captivating children’s books have helped fuel a resurgence of interest in ways of life that are threatened by a hegemonic culture.

The exhibition was on display November 15, 2004 – January 18, 2005.


Family Pictures: Cuadros de Familia
Childrens Book Press, 1990

Magic Windows: Ventanas Mágicas
Childrens Book Press 1999

Making Magic Windows: Creating Papel Picado/ Cut Paper Art
Childrens Book Press

A Piece of My Heart/ Pedacito de mi Corazón,
The Art of Carmen Lomas Garza. The New Press, 1994

Lo Real Maravilloso/ The Marvelous: The Real
The Mexican Museum/La Tienda 1987


Carmen Lomas Garza- Official Website
Including artists statement and more images of her work.

Carmen Lomas Garza: A Retrospective:
at the San Jose Museum of Art

Carmern Lomas Garza at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery
This exhibition was organized by Andrea Packard, Director, List Gallery, Swarthmore and is funded by the William J. Cooper Foundation.

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