Drawing Back: Cartoon Critiques of America

Patrick Corrigan, Bush’s Second Term, October 30, 2004 

Newspaper cartoons are daily signatures (and lightning rods) of visual protest against political injustice. At a time when American foreign and domestic policies have been drawing scathing criticism from around the world, editorial cartoonists have been leading the charge, using graphic satire to expose, ridicule and attack the world’s most powerful nation and its leaders. The international collection assembles recent work by more than 35 cartoonists from 25 countries on such subjects as American elections, George Bush, Iraq, California politics and Hurricane Katrina.

Drawing Back includes the work of Brian Adcock, Ross Bateup, Joep Bertrams, Thomas Boldt, Tayo Fatunla, Brian Gable, Ares, Rainer Hachfeld, Emad Hajjaj, Riber Hansson, Tom Janssen, Michel Kichka, Christo Komarnitski, Peter Lewis, Gado, Alan Moir, Pedro Molina, Kashav, Bas van der Schot, Zapiro, Osmani Simanca, Heng Kim Song, and Martyn Turner.

The exhibition ran from June 9, 2006 to September 30, 2006.

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