Brian Judy, ‘My US Rep’

Randall Packer & John James Anderson, ‘America’s Grave’

Siobhan Rigg, ‘Bad Intelligence: A Forensic Striptease’

An innovative four-day new media arts festival hosted by American University and Provisions Library, Multimediale brought together artists working with the theme of art as mediation. The festival, co-organized and curated by Randall Packer & Niels Van Tomme, included artists who are prominent faculty members of art schools and educational institutions from around the Washington Metropolitan area, such as John James Anderson, Mark Cooley, Edgar Endress, Jeff Gates, Brian Judy, Randall Packer, Siobhan Rigg, and Fereshteh Toosi.

The festival occurred April 19-22, 2007.

The trailer for the festival is available here. 

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