Provisions research residencies bring artists, scholars, and leaders from across the globe to the Washington DC to pursue creative research on art and social change themes. Participants investigate policies, practices, and politics while exploring transformative social strategies and imaginations. The rapidly changing urban landscape of the US capital offers a special context, model, and resource from which to propose and prepare social futures. All research residents present their research through public talks in downtown DC and at George Mason University in VA, and organize investigations into a final pdf portfolio for online publishing. Provisions supports national, international, and DC-based research fellows.

Please note that this program is seeking continuing funds so applications are not currently being accepted. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notification of future residency opportunities.


Jaimes Mayhew | January 2014 
Jaimes Mayhew is a Baltimore-based installation and performance artist. His work explores our relationship to energy and the production of energy through an archival project focused around the development of electricity.

Susan Morgan | February 2014
Susan Morgan is a Los Angeles based writer and independent scholar. Her work reflects on the impact of early 20th-century progressive magazines through the development of an installation project.

Pedro Lasch | March 2014 
Pedro Lasch is a visual artist and teacher at Duke University with a focus in Participatory Art and Social Art Practice. He is currently working on two projects: one examines museums in the context of Participatory Art and Social Art Practice, and another expands on one of his ongoing series entitled, Naturalizations, which investigates portraiture and citizenship.

Gareth Branwyn | April 2014 
Gareth Branwyn is an Arlington, VA-based journalist, a former editorial director of MAKE magazine, an editor at Wired print for the past 12 years and Senior Editor for Boing Boing. Her work assesses the Maker Movement and its impact on contemporary culture.

Emmanuel Pratt | May 2014 
Emmanuel Pratt is an artist, architect, designer, and urban planner.  He currently is the Director of Aquaponics at Chicago State University and is involved with the Mycelia Project. His residency investigates themes of sustainability in agriculture, soil, water, and energy-usage in an interactive public project.

Terry Scott | June 2014
New Orleans-native and DC resident, Terry Scott, is an independent cultural producer. His project explores the cultural cartography of Historic Anacostia.

Steve Rowell | November 2013 
Steve Rowell, is a filmmaker based out of Chicago. His work involves location filming for a documentary project mapping geographies and architectures of influence, power, and money.

Ding Ren | October 2013
Chinese-born writer and artist Ding Ren currently divides her time between Washington, DC and Amsterdam. Her residency focuses on the experience of migration and transience reflected through photographic practice.

THE CASE FOR SPACE   cosmic consciousness  | April 2013                                                                                              Considers the role that space programs play in cognitive and spiritual life, social consciousness, and political progress, and also explains how the aspiration of outer space defines our relationship to other realms as ethos, aesthetics, and ecology. How do the micro and macro cosmos regenerate the potential for space as a ground for identification, relationship, and reflection? How can space technologies, tools, and tactics help us explore plateaus of the possible? How does the diversity of cosmic physical orders help us imagine constellations for change here at home?

COPY RIGHTS   open orders of global information | February 2013                                                                           Investigates individual and collective authorship in the digital age, and explores how reproductivity and replication enable free expression, empower creative re-use, and mobilize social action. The project researches the implications of universal access, connectivity, privacy, regulation, absorption, and dissemination to imagine a vigorous commons of popular information.

REPUBLIC   reviving popular politics | October 2012 
Explores the values underpinning deliberative democracy, popular citizenship, public transparency, accountability, polling, and representation.

PARKS AND PASSAGES   recent ruins and public futures | July 2012 
Examines the approach to remodeling common space, public territory, urban environment, social architecture, and cultural developments through grassroots efforts that mobilize everyday citizens as the re-builders of a connected city and society.

Provisions Research Residencies are supported by the Open Society Foundations, the Andy Warhol Foundation and George Mason University.