Shilpa Gupta, from Blessed Bandwidth (Interactive Website), 2003

Shilpa Gupta creates artwork using interactive websites, video, gallery environments and public performances and has exhibited all over the world. Her subversive populism bites into and chews up the global economy, consumerism, religion, and complex dynamics of the Internet.

Her works are mock-serious but authoritative provocations seizing on environmental exploitation, cheap labor, international debt, mass production, compulsive buying, cultures in contention, militarism, and human rights abuse. All her works reveal the impact of personal choice.

The exhibition was on display March 4, 2005 – May 1, 2005.

This is Gupta’s first solo show in the United States. Her work is also featured in “Edge of Desire: Recent Art in India,” at The Asia Society in New York City through June 15th.


Blessed Bandwidth
2003 (Commissioned by Tate Online)

Your Kidney Supermarket


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